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Uniting brands, women athletes and fans in the push for equity.

Women’s sports may be soaring in popularity, but the levels of inequity remain staggering.

Parity’s focus: putting more money in the pockets of pro women athletes, across all sports.


Minority-founded in 2020, Parity’s mission is to close the gender income and opportunity gap in professional sports. 

We achieve that by developing high-impact campaigns and collaborations between brands, pro women athletes, and their fans.

Parity works with over 850 women athletes across 70+ sports, from archery to weightlifting. Learn more about our progress and impact so far.

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At Parity, we match athletes with inclusive and equitable brand partnerships.

We build off the reality that not only can women athletes be paid more – their voices are untapped resources that can help brands grow. So join us – and together, we’ll build the future of women’s sports.

Join our team.