Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Parity?

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Parity is a community exclusively for professional female athletes. We match approved athletes with brands for paid Instagram posts, and provide resources for our women to improve all aspects of their lives.

Why do we need Parity?

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According to research, for every dollar spent globally on sports sponsorship, female athletes make just half a cent. Parity is focused on directing more sponsorship dollars to women.

What kind of resources does Parity offer?

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Professional development resources include career coaching, webinars on branding, Instagram strategy, public speaking, finances, and more. Also community conversations and support, as well as employment opportunities with us.

Why Instagram?

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It’s widely regarded as the social media platform for athletes and marketing efforts. The potential reach for brands working with influencers of professional female athletes’ caliber is huge. We plan to expand to other platforms and opportunities in the future.


Who can join the platform?

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Professional female athletes who:

  • Are still competing or have retired

  • Are looking to make additional income

  • Want to be part of a dynamic, supportive community

Not sure if you qualify? Email us and we'll let you know.

How can I, a professional female athlete, get involved with Parity?

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  • Register and fill out a quick survey. We’ll be in touch with specific opportunities.

  • Apply to join our Athlete Advisory Group. The AAG serves to help shape the future of Parity.

Do you partner with players’ associations?

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Yes, email us.

Can collegiate athletes join Parity?

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Not right now. We will update our platform if NCAA regulations change.

Can men athletes join Parity?

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No, but show your support of the cause by following us on Instagram.

Can personal trainers join Parity?

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Only if you are ALSO a professional woman athlete.

Does everyone get paid posting opportunities?

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There are three levels of access for professional women athletes within Parity:

Parity Resource Access

Parity Community Access

Parity Pro Access

Access to previously recorded webinars

Access to exclusive Parity job opportunities

Access to live webinars and community events

Paid post opportunities

How do I qualify for Parity Pro Access?

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To achieve Parity Pro Access and qualify to participate in paid posts, you must:

  1. Have at least 5,000 Instagram followers on a public profile

  2. Be United States- or Canada-based. We define this as having a) a U.S. or Canadian bank account AND b) a majority of your Instagram following in the U.S. and/or Canada*

  3. List being a professional athlete in your Instagram bio

  4. Post 50% of your Instagram content about being an athlete, training, traveling, etc.

  5. Have a professional-looking feed. Of course no offensive or red-flag content.

Email us with questions. We are transparent about the requirements for each level.

*if you are an international athlete with detailed knowledge about how to get paid by a U.S. entity, we're happy to work with you.

How do I know when I have an opportunity to get paid?

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We will email you. We also post opportunities on our Instagram. You can set preferences for which communications you want to receive in your account.

How do I get paid?

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  • Complete your registration.

  • We’ll email you about paid social post opportunities based on your survey results.

  • Accept or decline the opportunity.

  • Complete the post (instructions for each opportunity will be provided).

  • Get paid (via check, direct deposit, PayPal, etc.)

When do I get paid?

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Payments are processed 30-45 days after the conclusion of each campaign. If you do not receive payment for a completed social post by this time, email us.

Why do I need to log in with my Instagram account?

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We use your Instagram to verify who you are. We do not have and never will have access to your account.

What will my email address be used for?

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Communication from Parity, including paid opportunities and community events. Edit your communication preferences in your account. We will not share your information, ever.

How does my agent and that relationship fit into this Parity thing?

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We are happy to work with your agent or directly with you. Email us if you have additional questions.


What is the rate for paid posts?

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The current rate is at least 1 cent per follower, per campaign.

Are paid post rates negotiable?

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What if opportunities conflict with existing sponsors?

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Athletes have the ability to accept or decline any paid offer without penalty.

Can I review paid post opportunities in advance?

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Yes. We will send each paid post opportunity via email to the athlete. Your athlete can forward them to you for review before accepting or declining.

Can I collect on behalf of my athlete?

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Yes. We provide a link to input payment information once a paid opportunity has been completed.

Are Parity paid posts executed using contracts?

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No. Athletes simply need to accept the opportunity and then complete the post. Payments are processed 30-45 days after the conclusion of each campaign.

Does Parity deduct taxes?

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No. Athletes will submit a W-9 (U.S.) or W-8 BEN (International).

What percentage do I make as the agent?

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This is up to you and your athlete.


I’m an expert in an industry or topic. Can I host a webinar?

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Yes. Send us an email.

I want to partner with Parity!

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Great, email us to get started.