Parity prioritizes professional development, and we offer a variety of webinars for the women on our platform. Peruse the subjects below, presented by Team EOS experts, and register today!


Negotiation Skills

Tuesday, October 27th 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

Learn how to negotiate! Bill will teach you key phrases to use in negotiating what you want and *deserve*. Learn best methods for standing your ground to secure deals that are best for you!

Hosted by Bill Shelton

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Previous Webinars for your viewing pleasure!

We're all SO. BUSY. But that doesn't have to stop us from learning on our own time. Past webinars are recorded to fit into your life whenever it's good for you. See below!


Instagram Optimization

Streamed on October 20th

Learn about the "little things" that can make a big difference on Instagram. Natalie will talk about community engagement! Use stories more effectively, and get familiar with ideas about post timing, quality, and frequency.

Hosted by Natalie Allport


Financial Advising for the Female Athlete

Streamed on September 23rd

Is an LLC or sole proprietorship better for you? How should I keep track of expenditures for tax purposes under either umbrella? Join Lauryn Williams at the intersection of athletics and finance.

Hosted by Lauryn Williams


Let’s Talk Ergonomics with Javelin Thrower & Business Owner Ariana Ince

Streamed on August 14th

Is your screen time report greater than 4 hours? Then let’s talk about ergonomics. Javelin Thrower and business owner Ariana Ince will teach you how a proper office space set-up (and phone use!) can improve mood, health, and efficiency through simple fixes with your existing equipment. Don't let working from home derail your recovery process.

Hosted by Ariana Ince

Community Chat

Parity Townhall

Streamed on July 7th

Let’s build this powerful female community with other brand new Parity athletes! Hostesses Lauren Gibbs and Kara Winger will facilitate conversation and help you fully understand Parity’s mission as we move forward together. Come share your stories and get your questions answered.

Hosted by Lauren Gibbs and Kara Winger


Using Instagram Strategically

Streamed on October 13th

Make social media work towards your unique goals! Join Natalie for tips on generating authentic-to-you ideas, planning when to post, and creating great content.

Hosted by Natalie Allport


Build Your Brand on a Budget!

Streamed on September 11th

This workshop is designed to equip and empower individuals to activate their area of broke. Push past limitations. Create a narrative that drives purpose. It's an opportunity to use vulnerability as a tool for success.

Hosted by Vincent Brathwaite


Professional Communication and Business Tools

Streamed on August 7th

Learn best practices to write introductory and cold emails. Follow up with business tools and apps that can help you leverage your brand and relationships

Hosted by Cheryl Lala


Transforming Social Media into a Viable Business Endeavor

Streamed on May 1st

Learn how to create, sustain and engage your social media presence into paid opportunities for athletic influencer marketing.

Hosted by Tommy Marcus


Create a Magnetic Presence on Video: How to look good, be charismatic & feel confident building your personal brand

Streamed on September 30th

In this class we're diving into what it takes to look your best on video using what you have. We'll cover lighting, angles, and backgrounds so you can dazzle making your own content or in online meetings. Next, we'll go over key strategies to uncover your unique charisma mix along with must-know hacks to show up authentically so people gravitate to you. Lastly, we'll tie it all together by going over how we can use video to build a magnetic brand, attracting fans, clients, and opportunities that are a perfect fit.

Hosted by Gia Goodrich

Community Chat

Coffee Chat

Streamed on September 9th

Let’s chat! Register to join us for another Parity Community conversation-coffee optional. We’ll share the webinar topics we have in the pipeline, catch up in general and answer your questions, and-oh yeah!-tell you all about your first paid Instagram posting opportunity (later this month!). Talk to you soon!

Hosted by Lauren Gibbs and Kara Winger


Call it luck? Or is it Imposter Syndrome?

Streamed on July 24th

Lauren Gibbs tackles this major obstacle in female entrepreneurial success -- 66% of business women feel inadequate despite being high achievers. Learn how to change your mindset and make imposter syndrome a little less real in sports, business and life.

Hosted by Lauren Gibbs


Building an Effective Professional Resume

Streamed on April 24th

Learn how to craft and tailor your athletic resume to attract job recruiters, sponsors and new business opportunities.

Hosted by Cheryl Lala