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Annie Kunz

Track and Field

U.S. Indoor Champion, Pan American Games Silver Medalist

What is Parity?

Parity exists to unapologetically work toward closing the gender pay gap in sports, benefitting both elite women athletes and their fans. Minority-founded in 2020, we drive revenue to athletes by using proprietary data analytics to create powerfully inclusive and profitable sponsorship opportunities, NFT sales, and more.

We don’t wait for leagues, national governing bodies, or agents to dictate where dollars are spent. With a growing roster of more than 759 athletes from 70+ sports and 20+ corporate partners including Microsoft, Strava, and Morgan Stanley, Parity is revolutionizing the financial model for women athletes.

Our latest venture, the Parity NFT Marketplace powered by VereNFT on the Aventus Network layer-2 blockchain, features compelling digital collectible items and exclusive unlockable content from our roster of elite athletes. Sports icons including Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Jayna Hefford headline our illustrious Legends Collection.

By utilizing dynamic tech solutions, we push the movement towards pay equity and drive the world to recognize the undeniable impact our athletes make.

Our mission

To change the world by giving women athletes and their fans the power they deserve.

Our fierce community of professional women athletes

spans more than70+sports

advocates for more than25causes

180Olympic medals

229Olympians and Paralympians

81Olympic Gold medals

Professional athletes overcome incredible odds to do what they do.

During the last Olympic games, a whopping 150 athletes used GoFundMe or other crowdfunding platforms to fund their expenses associated with the games. There is tremendous disparity when it comes to athletes’ incomes across gender and type of sport.

Source: Observer, US Fencer’s GoFundMe Highlights Pay Disparity Amongst Olympic Athletes

In 2018, the top 100 highest-paid athletes earned $3.8 billion, a 23% jump over the previous year. However, there were zero women athletes on this list. In previous years, there has been at least one, and as many as three.

Source: The World’s 100 Highest-Paid Athletes 2018: Behind The Numbers

NBA, $37.4 million
WNBA, $117.500

One of the drivers of the current gender pay gap in sports is the disparity in sports sponsorship, and we think this is a huge opportunity.

Commercial investment and media coverage of women’s sport remains shockingly low, particularly in comparison to the deals done in men’s sport. Women’s sports sponsorships accounted for only 0.4% of total sports sponsorships between 2011 and 2013. Media coverage of women’s sports shows a similar level of disparity – women’s sports accounts for only 7% of total sports coverage.

Source: Women in Sport: Sponsorship and Media

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Jae-Lyn Visscher

Beach Volleyball

Men’s sports make up 93% of all sports media coverage

...women’s sports make up only 7%

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Nora Darrhar

Beach Volleyball

African Beach Games Gold Medalist