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Ashleigh Richardson


Account Executive

"I've run the numbers thru some models & checked for historical precedent, and I'm convinced increasing financial investment in & visibility to women athletes isn't just the right thing to do for them - it's a leading indicator of societal change. Such demonstrations of respect will ripple out to benefit us all!"

  • Amateur Skeeball Player
  • Healthy Relationship & Domestic Violence educator
  • Playlist Curator

Whether it's baseball, sales or a wedding toast, Ashleigh approaches things analytically. And if Parity is built at the intersection of advocacy and business, she's one of its chief architects, combining a strong background in sales and marketing with a history of advocacy and social work.

From working with people seeking financial independence after domestic violence to starting her own career in sales, the income gap between men and women has long been top-of-mind for Ashleigh, making her a natural fit for Parity's mission and a strong advocate with our partners!

In her free time, Ashleigh enjoys watching baseball,and playing skeeball – her team 'Questioning AuthoriSKEE' consistently crushes it in the NSBL playoffs consolation bracket. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her geriatic mini poodle.