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Manager, Social Media & Influencer Marketing

“I often envision a world where my daughters won’t feel compelled to pick between pursuing a professional athletic career and meeting their basic needs. Joining hands with a unique company like Parity feels like the perfect step towards turning this dream into our shared reality.”


  • Mom
  • Runner
  • Outdoor Enthusiast

Ayana, Parity's Social Media & Influencer Marketing expert, is more than just a professional in her field; she's a source of inspiration within and beyond the digital realm. With a background as a former USATF 400-meter sprinter, two-time USATF National Trials competitor, and NCAA D2 indoor national champion, Ayana brings a deep understanding of the athlete's journey, forming the basis for her authentic and impactful campaigns with Parity athletes.

Beyond her athletic achievements, Ayana wears multiple hats as a devoted wife, mother of two (with one on the way), and a certified Level 1 & 2 USATF track coach. These roles provide her with a unique perspective, allowing her to connect on a profound level with athletes, understanding their challenges and triumphs.

Ayana's diverse skill set is further enriched by her past role in economic development, contributing to the recruitment and expansion of businesses. This experience seamlessly aligns with her current tireless efforts at Parity, where she works towards bridging gaps and creating opportunities for women athletes. Driven by a passion for empowerment and a deep connection to Parity's mission, Ayana sees her work as more than just a job—it's a full-circle moment. She stands on the frontline, advocating for the recognition and compensation rightfully due to women athletes.