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Cheryl Lala Chavez


Director, Career Coaching & Training

“I have been in the sports industry as an athlete, trainer, and college coach for most of my career. Being a career coach allows me the opportunity to leverage these experiences to help professional athletes.”


  • Retired pro golfer
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion advocate
  • Mom

Most student-athletes will go pro in something other than sports, the saying goes. But what about those who do manage to go pro, yet still have to find something to do after that?

Cheryl was a successful collegiate golfer, and went professional for a short time, but like most pro athletes she wasn’t guaranteed a “retirement” filled with book deals or media contracts. So she pursued a graduate certificate in exercise and sports physiology and an M.S. in sports management from Columbia University, and promptly put her skills to use helping other athletes. At Parity, she helps athletes make a better living at their sports – as well as keep an eye on what they’ll do when they hang up their competition shoes.

Cheryl grew up in Northern California as a first-generation Indo-Fijian American. She earned her bachelor’s from UC-Berkeley, where she also led their golf team. She still lives in California with her wife, son and daughter, and dogs, Oreo and Cookie.