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Director, Athlete Marketing & Social Media

“Most women athletes don’t realize how powerful their social presence is — no matter the sport. Parity helped me capitalize on that in my own career, and now I want to do the same for as many athletes as possible.”


  • Pro Water Skier
  • 9x National Champion
  • Dog mom to Reign

Elizabeth is a professional waterskier – and if that's a sport you don't know much about, that's something she's trying to change. An advocate for athletes to have more visibility and power, the 9-time national champion, U.S. Open champion and Pan-American games champion has utilized social media to build her online presence and career – and now, she helps other athletes do the same at Parity.

Elizabeth has a lengthy resume in marketing and joined Parity for the opportunity to help close the pay gap in sports – and to give women athletes more autonomy and power over their careers in the process.

Elizabeth lives in Florida with her husband and their two dogs.