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Karlie Samuelson


Manager, Athlete Engagement

“I’ve played basketball for as long as I can remember with both of my sisters. I’m very passionate about women’s sports and am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Parity to continue to create equal opportunities and pay for women in sport.”


  • Pro basketball player
  • Stanford grad
  • Board game enthusiast

When professional athletes work with Parity, they want to work with someone who understands their experience and perspective. That’s where Karlie comes in.

A former captain of Stanford’s basketball team – which she twice helped guide to the NCAA Final Four. Karlie is still playing professional basketball in the WNBA and most recently in Australia after she spent seasons in Spain, Italy, and Belgium. At Parity, she leverages her playing experience and transition to the workforce to help other professional athletes who are trying to build their own careers.

Karlie’s parents met while playing professional basketball and netball, respectively, in the U.K., where she has citizenship. (She plays for Great Britain’s national basketball team.) She earned her B.S. from Stanford and an M.S. from Concordia University-Irvine in coaching and exercise science. She enjoys spending time with her three dogs, Lucy, Molly and Malibu.