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Chief Data Scientist

“I love sports, and I love data, so working at their intersection is where I’m happiest. That I’m also working at a company championing gender equality is an absolute dream.”


  • Triathlete
  • Code devotee
  • Mum to two tiny humans and a dog

Sifting through data can be a lot like seeking sponsorship – there’s often so much information it’s hard to understand or know where to start. But just as Parity aims to help athletes cut through the noise and build their careers, Phillippa has been helping people make sense of data her whole career.

Phillippa was a data science instructor for adults at General Assembly, worked in Equity Derivates at Goldman Sachs, and led data science at T. Rowe Price, where she helped open doors to other women who wanted to build careers in male-dominated industries like finance and technology. Today she is an expert in making data and data-based decisions more manageable for business leaders and athletes alike.

Raised in Hong Kong and the U.K, Phillippa grew up swimming and playing lacrosse, and was on the rugby team at Yale, where she earned a B.S. in Engineering before earning her M.A. in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences at Columbia University. An avid marathoner and triathlete, today she lives in the New York City suburbs with her wife Minji, their twins, and their schnauzer Harry.