The Team

Parity is the first product of Evolution of Sports, a sports technology company.

The EOS Team is made up of former Wall Streeters, and former and current Olympians and world champions.

  • Minji Ro

    Minji Ro

    EOS Co-CEO and Co-Founder

    Minji loves sports and is passionate about women and the LGBTQ community. Her successful Wall Street career was punctuated by leadership in projects which provided more opportunities for both groups in innovative ways.Read More
  • Bill Shelton

    Bill Shelton

    EOS Co-CEO and Co-Founder

    Bill is a numbers-driven feminist. A lifetime of accomplishments on the track, as an entrepreneur, and on Wall Street combined with a focus on mentorship make Bill an engaging leader in any space. Parity exists at the intersection of his fight for gender equity,Read More
  • Alana Casner

    Alana Casner

    EOS VP of Athlete Content and Strategy

    Alana’s extensive experience in the athlete-led content creation world translates seamlessly to Parity’s mission. This collegiate point guard honed her skills of empathetic storytelling through various media over the span of 15 years in the digital content space.Read More
  • Liza Smith-Vedder

    Liza Smith-Vedder

    EOS VP of Sales

    The energy and expertise that Liza brings to the workplace are accompanied by a natural ability to teach, motivate, and bring others along.Read More
  • Shannon Rowbury

    Shannon Rowbury

    EOS Director of External Sales

    Shannon is one of the most accomplished U.S. middle-distance runners of all time. A 3-time Olympian, American and World Record Holder, and a 3-time World medalist in Track and Field, Shannon was ranked top-10 in the world for a decade.Read More
  • Cheryl Lala

    Cheryl Lala

    EOS Director of Career Coaching and Training

    Cheryl, a former professional golfer, discovered her passion for athlete activism while earning her master’s degree from Columbia University. The Northern California native and UC Berkeley alum is a coach and mentor at heart and in practice.Read More
  • Lauren Gibbs

    Lauren Gibbs

    EOS Director of External Sales

    Lauren’s athletic resume includes Division I collegiate volleyball captain, CrossFit team regionals competitor, Olympic Silver medalist and World Champion in the sport of bobsled.Read More
  • Kara Winger

    Kara Winger

    EOS Director of Athlete Services

    Kara is the masters American record holder and a 4x Olympian in the javelin throw. Throughout a decade (and counting) of traveling the world for a niche event, she learned about her adaptability, poise, and passion for the global women athlete community.Read More
  • Karlie Samuelson

    Karlie Samuelson

    EOS Athlete Engagement Manager

    Karlie continually lifts others up with her authentic voice, and puts her strong work ethic where her values are by effecting change in sport. A fantastic shooting guard and better teammate, she brings the same energy to the workplace that she does to the basketball court.Read More
  • Sarah Coopersmith

    Sarah Coopersmith

    EOS Business Analyst

    Sarah believes in supporting powerful, strong, and skilled women in the path towards equality. A well-rounded and lifelong athlete, her Division III swimming experience at Brooklyn College showcased the gender imbalance in sport. Skills in data analysis,Read More
  • Lindsey McKone

    Lindsey McKone

    EOS Business Analyst

    Lindsey knows that her professional Lacrosse career will expose more women and girls to the sport she loves through expanded coverage: Her focus on that aspect of this chapter of her life showcases her alignment with Parity.Read More
  • Jacob Mishkin

    Jacob Mishkin

    EOS Sales Development Representative

    An NCAA Division I tennis career and subsequent men’s and women’s coaching positions at universities of every caliber in the collegiate athletics landscape taught Jacob a never-give-up attitude, and showed him firsthand the opportunities that exist for women in sport.Read More
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