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A word from our athletes

Track & Field Jaide Stepter Baynes

"Parity is focused on finding meaningful partnerships that not only provide financial support, but help us tell our story."

Summer & Winter Paralympian Dani Aravich

"Parity has helped me find paid opportunities, connect with other athletes, and even learn about branding, networking, and building my career outside of sport."

Rugby Naya Tapper

"The Parity community teaches us how to capitalize on our talent on and off the field – something most women athletes have been missing out on for years."

Basketball Shey Peddy

"Parity helps women athletes find opportunities to work with all types of brands, regardless of our sport or how well-known we are. They even helped me create my first NFT."

Volleyball Ivone Martinez

"Parity has given me sponsorship opportunities, professional mentorship and development resources, and the chance to join a community of women athletes worldwide."

Parity isn’t just equality. It’s opportunity.

Grow your career – and your bank account. Get paid by brand partners for telling your story. Just fill out our survey to get started.

01 Get Paid
01 Get Paid

Connect with brands for paid sponsorship, campaigns, speaking engagements and other opportunities. 

02 Hone Your Skills
02 Hone Your Skills Access content covering personal branding, finance, mental well-being for athletes and more.
03 Plan Life After Sports
03 Plan Life After Sports We’re athletes too -  and we’ll teach you everything we know about building a career after sports. 

How It Works

The Parity process is streamlined into these simple steps:

Take our survey.
Tell us about yourself and your passions – in and out of sports.
Are you Pro or Pro+?
We’ll review your info and tell you which tier you qualify for. Check out the tier levels below.
Review opportunities.
We’ll reach out with partnerships we think are a good fit. (You can accept or reject any of them!)
Engagement & education.
Meanwhile, access our development resources and career coaching anytime.
Participate in an exciting activation and fulfill all of your requirements.
Get Paid.
It’s that simple! Complete your activation and see the benefits of your partnership.
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Get started.

Get Started

Eligibility & Access Levels

  • You’re a current, active, or retired athlete.
  • You compete(d) in a women’s division collegiately or professionally.
  • You’ve got an active, public and professional social media presence.
  • Your social media bio clearly states you are/were a pro athlete.
  • You’re based in the U.S. or Canada.
    • Outside the US or Canada? Email to register your interest.


You have a strong social media presence (5k+ Instagram followers).  
Pro+ athletes are eligible for ALL paid partnership opportunities.
Get invited to exclusive workshops, panels and private events.
Unlock our full library of educational webinars from industry experts and fellow athletes.
Access career coaches and other mentors.


Your social media presence is small but mighty – and you want to keep growing it. 
Pro athletes are eligible for ONE-OFF partnership opportunities.
Get invited to workshops, panels, and events.
Unlock our full library of educational webinars from industry experts and fellow athletes.

Tell your story. Grow your career. Get paid.

Tell your story. Grow your career. Get paid.